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I am currently beginning the geo processing of some of Osceola County, Florida shapefiles.

In particular, I have performed a intersecting overlay of FEMAs NFHL and the counties, parcel data.  This will be provided to allow the program to  provide real time information regarding each parcels flood zone designation to the Surveyor as jobs arrive into the office.thereby eliminating the need for overlays in the office for the parcels.  Additional information, providing all the information that is needed to fill out the Elevation Certificates

The above process will be continued for all the dfirm county maps in the State of Florida.  Additional areas will be provided for as project members for other geographic areas join the community

I will begin to add these types of comments to the issues or discussion tabs as the project expands and we get more appropriate.

Above is the link to the Florida Department of Revenues shape files if others wish to assist in geo processing of this data.

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