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Project Description
A community of Surveyors, Engineers, programmers and our friends seeking to examine and define the identity of the Surveyor and Mapper.

LinuxGIS is a non-profit community of members interested in distributing open source programs for Surveying and Mapping.

Essentially we are a group of surveyors, engineers, programmers and our friends interested in providing the Survey Community an answer to, what I call an 'identity crises'.

The traditional Surveyor in the United States was strictly known as a field surveyor with office management functions. With the advent of the digital world our profession is under attack.

For the example, just this morning I spoke to a supervisor for a General Contractor that brings buildings up from the foundation. I asked him who his Surveyor was, his answer, "I don't know, he is a laborer".

What is going on?

Its complex with many roots and causes, and that is not the issue here. But surely it is time for the Surveyor to examine himself and his profession.

I am taking the road of GIS, which I started reading on in the early 1980's, took graduate courses on GIS in the 1990's, and was laughed at be some successful Surveyors. I persevere with GIS.

Here I am and I hope you can join our Community, LinuxGIS.

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